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Options to replace a missing tooth? – Cancun Dental Specialists

Options to replace a missing tooth? - Cancun Dental Specialists


One of the main reason why people look for good dental specialists is because they don’t know what to do with a missing tooth. When we lose a tooth, the chewing load is transferred to the remaining teeth and this will eventually wear them down to the point that maybe you will lose them too. If the number of missing teeth increases, it becomes difficult to keep teeth that are healthy. For this reason it is important to act fast and recover the function of the missing teeth. Treatment options for missing teeth include dental implants, fixed partial dentures (porcelain bridges), or removable dentures or even full implant dentures. Before deciding on one or the other the patient must speak with a a dental specialists.


Dental implants are a great option for people who have just lost one tooth and want to replace it right away. The doctor will need to check the reasons why the previous tooth was lost (ex, periodontal disease, bone loss, trauma, dental decay, etc) to see if there are other steps to be taken before getting a dental implant. Most people can have a dental implant and if there is little bone volume, they can get a bone graft. 
A fixed partial denture allows the use of restorative ceramic materials that provide optimal reconstruction for the patient. In some cases when dental implants are not an option, the ceramic porcelain bridge could help replace several missing teeth, although every extreme of the bridge must rest on a healthy tooth. These two teeth will be “prepared”, recontouring the teeth by removing a portion of the outer layer. The main problem with bridges is that the space with the missing tooth will keep losing volume for lack of root stimulation. This might eventually lead to other complications and is the main reason why dental implants are preferred for partial bridges.


An implant-supported denture is the solution that can provide the most stable result. In order for this treatment to be successful, a sufficient amount of healthy bone is necessary… and it can be increased with bone graft. In addition to being a good option at the aesthetic level, the implant denture is the most comfortable solution and that best maintains the ability to chew. These dentures can be Snap in Dentures, All-on-4 or even All-on-6. If you have any more questions about these treatments, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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