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Tooth regeneration: The future of restorative dentistry

Did you know that rodent incisors never stop growing? They gnaw and chew through just about anything. They need to wear down those incisors, which, if left unchecked, could go so long that the animal might not be able to bite and starve. This dental development gives researchers insight into how to regenerate human teeth, which could change the

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Options to replace a missing tooth? – Cancun Dental Specialists

  One of the main reason why people look for good dental specialists is because they don’t know what to do with a missing tooth. When we lose a tooth, the chewing load is transferred to the remaining teeth and this will eventually wear them down to the point that maybe you will lose them too. If

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Benefits of dental tourism in Cancun!

    One of the best reason to come for dental tourism in Cancun is that you will be able to enjoy the sun, the beach and amazing attractions during your stay on this wonderful Caribbean paradise.   Just like Medical tourism, the prices of health care in USA have sky rocketed for a number

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